Door Entry

We have been installing door-entry systems since the 1970s and still have many sites covered by maintenance contracts in and around London and the South East. We have amassed a large selection of spares and collective knowledge, which helps us to maintain many older systems.

When you are ready to modernise, our installers are trained by the major equipment suppliers to update your system. In many cases, we can useĀ  existing cabling, avoiding a costly re-wire.


An audio door entry system is a great way to improve security to any apartment building.

Securing the street door removes the temptation for people to wander in to your block but you need a way for visitors to contact the residents.

A basic audio door entry system is the most cost effective solution.


Video door entry takes security to the next level and allows you to screen callers even before speaking to them.

Video-phones are available in a range of styles, screen sizes and colours, with a handset, Induction loop or hands-free.

We can include multiple call panels at gates, rear doors etc. with integrated fob readers or coded access keypads.


To further control the access to your building, we can design and install a bespoke system to suit your needs.

By combining door entry, CCTV and access control systems to work together, we can offer a versatile system that is easy to use and economic to run.

If you already have a system that needs to be included, such as CCTV cameras or automated car-park gates, we can integrate them with a new system. Whatever the situation, just ask and we will find a solution.

We only use ‘off the shelf’ components so in the future, spares and repairs are easily dealt with.

No buzzer or speech? Can’t release the door? Don’t worry, we can repair your old system.
Our experienced team have decades of experience with many systems and we have substantial quantities of new/old stock.