CCTV Installation

We have over 40 years experience of installing high quality CCTV systems in London & the South East.

The images from our latest 4K cameras offer exceptional clarity and detail, even in poorly lit areas.

Live images and recordings can be viewed on your phone, tablet or computer. They can also be displayed as an HD channel on your TV system, allowing you to see any camera at the press of a button.

Covert or obvious, we can supply a variety of camera styles and colours to blend in or stand out.


Recording your CCTV has never been easier or such good value.

Simply store digital images from your camera(s) on a hard drive. These can then be reviewed, downloaded and viewed either locally or remotely via the internet.

Ward Aerials - CCTV in Lodon


The CCTV can also be connected to your TV system, allowing residents to see the street door, car-park or any other camera that is required as an additional TV channel. A door camera is a great deterrent to opportunist thieves and gives some peace of mind to residents.

Ward Aerials - CCTV in Lodon


Digital recorders have long since taken over from video-tape. Storing camera images as digital files on a hard drive, means they can subsequently be copied to a DVD for long term archiving, without degrading the image quality. Similarly, downloading chosen sections of footage to a pen drive for evidential or other purposes, is easily done.

Ward Aerials - CCTV in Lodon