Rental, Lease-Purchase & Maintenance

Rather than paying for an expensive IRS or Door Entry system outright, we offer alternative ways of spreading the cost.


We install the system and the lease it to you, normally for a minimum period of 10 years; other terms can be arranged. Throughout this time the system is fully maintained free of charge.


Because we maintain the system during the LEASE term, it's like having a 10 year warranty. Fair Use & CPI adjustments / conditions apply.


Our Standard Maintenance contract provides

free survey on every site
detailed condition report
preventative inspection
telephone technical support
priority booking
no charge for labour

Our Inclusive Maintenance contract provides

same as Standard Contract, plus
unlimited parts and labour
no charges for parts or labour
one invoice per year
fixed annual costs
unlimited engineer call-outs

Why have a Maintenance Contract?

Fix your annual costs
Reduced repair bills
Ensure legal & safety compliance
Increased system reliability
Improved service response times
Easy invoicing
Reduced paperwork
Parts & Labour covered (Inclusive Contract)